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Purchasing Assistance

Experience the Premium Benefits of Kisima's Prague Real Estate Consulting

Are you looking for a house or flat to buy in Prague? We are your 100% independent end-to-end consultant. Save time & money and make the right property decision with Kisima Invest. We are not a Prague real estate agency - we are comission free consultants exclusively for  purchasers of flats, houses and commercial property. 

Property Purchasing Assistance in Prague


Property Scouting

Define the goals and scope of your Prague Property Investment


Property Valuation

Independet experts value the current market value for you


Expert Negotitations
Get the best deal for your investment in Prague.


ROI Calculations 
We caculate the ROI for your property investment. 


VIP Services

We offer a range of servies for VIP clients during the process.


Property Scouting

  • Purpose-Driven Consultation: We delve deep to understand the motive behind your Prague property investment, whether it's for personal use, short-term rental, long-term rental, or exploring flat sharing opportunities. Our expert consultation guides you to the best locations, flat types, and architectural styles that resonate with your main objectives and highest profitability.

  • Location Analysis: Before embarking on the property selection, we assist you in pinpointing the right locations within Prague, aligning with your unique preferences and investment goals for your Real Estate. 

  • Property Search: Our comprehensive property search service operates within your specified criteria, ensuring every option aligns with your vision. Not only do we provide in-depth reports on each identified property and expert recommendations for your next steps, but we also handle the property viewings on your behalf. With our detailed photos, videos, and first-hand viewing insights, you'll gain an authentic and thorough impression of every prospect, streamlining your property decision process.

  • Legal Security: Kisima's legal department scrutinizes the legal status of the property with precision, guaranteeing a transaction free of future complications

Property Valuation in Prague

  • Prague Property Valuation: Whether you're looking to sell, buy, or simply understand the current value of your property, our team of experts provides accurate, timely, and reliable property appraisals. With years of experience in the Prague real estate market, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach and deep understanding of property value nuances. Rely on our expertise for a detailed and expert valuation of your property in Prague, ensuring you make informed decisions in this dynamic market."

  • Personalized Property Inspections: Our team personally inspects each property, safeguarding you from hidden defects and potential legal obstacles. we are the partner for your Prague Estate Appraisal.

Expert Negotiations 

  • Data-Driven Negotiations: Backed by comprehensive audit data and Prague real estate cadastre price maps, Kisima Invest ensures you secure properties at the most competitive prices in Prague.

  • Rich Industry Experience: Utilizing our extensive industry experience to negotiate the best prices, fostering a wise and fruitful property investment in Prague.

Property ROI Calculations

Property ROI Calculations in Prague: Contemplating an investment in Prague's real estate market? Whether you're eyeing short-term or long-term rental opportunities, we empower you with precise ROI calculations tailored to your investment strategy. At Kisima Invest we understand that making an informed decision is paramount. That's why we provide a comprehensive report detailing potential returns, costs, and insights specific to the Prague property landscape. Trust in our expertise to guide you to the most lucrative investment opportunities in the city."

VIP Services

Experience Prague with our optional Premium VIP Services for high-net-worth individuals, family offices institutional investors. At Kisima Invest, we go beyond just property search and offer a holistic experience tailored for the discerning client. Enjoy the convenience of hotel booking assistance, ensure your privacy with our guarantee of full discretion, and begin your journey with a seamless airport pick-up. Dive deeper into the city's charm with personalized tours, benefit from a dedicated property viewing assistant, and gain exclusive access to select property listings. And when it's time to relax, let us handle reservations at Prague's top eateries and events. Elevate your property search experience with our unmatched VIP services. 

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Time-Saving Expertise

  • Efficient House Hunting: Save precious time with Kisima's detailed and tenacious approach. We research your search area, liaise with agents, and preview flats and houses on your behalf, providing realistic commentary, vision, and ideas during viewings.

  • Streamlined Purchase Process: Kisima manages the entire purchase process from exchange to completion, utilizing our experience to address and resolve issues swiftly, saving you time and stress

  • Independent Advocacy: Unlike selling agents who prioritize sellers, Kisima Invest operates with complete autonomy, focusing solely on serving the buyer's interests. We offer utmost discretion for buyers in Prague preferring to remain anonymous or low-key during the transaction process.

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