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Buying a property in Prague?

At Kisima Investment Group, we are committed to providing unparalleled value to our clients, guiding them in making the most informed and profitable decisions in Prague's vibrant property market. Here's why partnering with us is the best step forward in your investment journey.

We are not your typical Prague estate agency. Instead, we offer independent consultation throughout the entire process. By investing in our services, you're guaranteed to save significant amounts of money, time, and avoid unnecessary hassles. 

Time-Saver: Swift and Seamless Processes

Accelerate Your Investment Journey with Our Expert Guidance

We stand as your steadfast partner if you are looking to buy property in Prague, taking the reins of the entire process to ensure you reap the benefits without the hassles. We are committed to relieving you of the complexities involved, and handling as many aspects as you prefer. Experience a streamlined process with a quick turnaround time, ranging from just two to six weeks from the initial interaction to the final purchase, facilitating a quicker route to value realization.

Money-Saver: Independent and Cost-Efficient Solutions

Optimizing Your Investment through Skillful Negotiations and Networks

Our independent stance means we work exclusively in your interest, saving you significant amounts by securing the best deals on flats, and leveraging our insights into the current market dynamics. We extend this cost-efficiency to securing favorable financing deals and maximizing monthly income potentials. Additionally, our established connections with reliable and affordable reconstruction companies further enhance your cost-saving opportunities.

Risk-Reducer: Strategic and Informed Decisions

Minimizing Potential Pitfalls through Expert Analysis

Lean on our expertise to sidestep potential risks commonly associated when buying a property in Prague. From avoiding overpaying for flats or reconstruction services to steering clear of investments in less promising areas of Prague, we have your back. Trust us to navigate complexities such as kataster transfers, ensuring a smooth transition during property reconstructions.

Full Transparency: Open and Honest Communications

An Open Book Approach to Your Investment Strategy

We champion transparency, offering you a clear view of the concerted efforts we invest in making your property venture a success. Expect detailed explanations of our recommendations, fostering a relationship based on trust and clarity.

Customer-First: Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs

Customized Solutions that Echo Your Preferences

At Kisima Investment Group, we prioritize your unique needs and budgetary considerations, adapting our strategies to perfectly align with your aspirations and financial blueprint. We craft our services to resonate with your style and desires, ensuring a personalized approach to property investment.

Multi-Language Support: Bridging Communication Gaps

Facilitating Smooth Interactions with Our Linguistic Proficiency

Our consulting team is proficient in a myriad of languages including German, Czech, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian, alongside fluent English communication. To further accommodate your needs, we can integrate local language support in French or Italian, ensuring seamless communication at every stage of the process.

Get in Touch with us now if you consider buying a property in Prague.

Lyčkovo námest 482/3
18600 Praha 8
Czech Republic

+420 603 230 532  EN / GER
+420 777 561 921   EN / CZ

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