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Investment Assistance
End-to-End Buyer Consulting


At Kisima Investment Group, we stand as an independent beacon of trust, guiding you to the most rewarding property investments in Prague. Whether you're eyeing a residential flat or a commercial space, our impartial insights and extensive support pave the way for a seamless and prosperous investment journey. Here's how we enhance your experience at every phase.

Unlike traditional Prague estate agencies, we specialize in providing independent guidance from start to finish. Engage with our services and experience substantial savings in money, time, and stress. We manage your property process end to end. We find it, navigate you through the purchasing process, take care of reconstruction and interior design, and manage it for you.

Comprehensive Support for Property Acquisition
  • Personalized Property Scouting: Our team diligently identifies and evaluates properties that align with your preferences, offering a detailed analysis of potential growth in value based on various factors including Prague neighborhood trends and architectural allure.

  • Strategic Investment Guidance: We help you target the most lucrative areas in Prague, offering expert advice on emerging locations and areas to steer clear of, facilitating successful investments.

  • Efficient Paperwork Assistance: Navigate through the paperwork intricacies of property investment with ease. We assist you in obtaining expert advice and reviewing contracts, ensuring your investments are secure and well-documented.

Hassle-Free Mortgage Financing Solutions

Tailored Mortgage Financing Deals: Leverage our network of independent financing specialists to secure the best financial deals, aligned with your investment objectives, minimizing your efforts and amplifying your gains.

Streamlined Prague Airbnb Rental Management

Optimized Rental Returns: Venture into the profitable realm of property rental in Prague without the stress. We manage your Airbnb rental property end-to-end, leveraging our expertise in niche interior design and daily price adjustments to keep your property in high demand, enhancing booking rates and profits.

Reconstruction &
Interior Design Services
  • Holistic Reconstruction Management: In case your chosen property needs reconstruction, we oversee the entire process, aligning with your vision and coordinating with skilled handymen to deliver craftsmanship that meets your standards.

  • Exceptional Interior Design Services: We transform spaces to mirror your style preferences, sourcing exquisite furniture pieces and crafting built-in fixtures that blend style with functionality.

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