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About Us 

At Kisima Investment Group, our journey began with a vision to transform the property investment landscape in Prague and beyond.


Rooted in our extensive experience of owning and managing a diverse portfolio of properties in the Czech Republic and Ukraine, we blossomed into a trusted name synonymous with success and innovation. Our ever-expanding asset portfolio is a testament to our proficiency and unmatched acumen in the Prague Real Estate & Property Management sector.

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Leading with Experience, Thriving with Passion

Our remarkable journey is fueled by a deep-seated desire to share our firsthand experiences and proven expertise with fellow investors. Our prowess isn't just limited to the acquisition of new assets; we are seasoned veterans in managing several short and long-term rental properties in Prague very successfully. We've mastered the art of understanding precisely what visitors are seeking on platforms like Airbnb, enabling us to sculpt rental solutions that not only meet but exceed market standards significantly.

Unwavering Commitment to Client Satisfaction

We take immense pride in our 100% independent operational framework, a cornerstone that allows us to focus unwaveringly on our clients' best interests. At Kisima, transparency isn't just a word; it's a commitment we uphold in every transaction, ensuring that our clients are always in the loop, receiving nothing short of best-in-class services, timely executed to perfection.

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Proven Results, Stellar Performance

Our approach to property investment in Prague is distinctly characterized by creativity, a customer-centric ethos, and an unyielding drive for excellence. This potent combination has propelled us to consistently deliver profits that soar way above industry averages. We are not just property advisors; we are practitioners who have turned knowledge into substantial profits. Our track record is an open book, and we invite prospective clients to delve into our success stories, learn from our experiences, and even witness firsthand the kind of exceptional results we promise, through references that stand as a testament to our excellence.

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