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The Rising Tide of Rental Prices in Prague and Across Czechia: A 2023 Overview

The enchanting city of Prague, known for its rich history and architectural marvels, has seen a significant shift in its real estate landscape over the past year. The demand for rental spaces has surged, leading to a notable impact on rental prices. This article delves into the current trends of the rental market in Prague and other major Czech cities in 2023, comparing them to the previous year, and provides insights backed by industry experts and data. Let's dig into the Prague rental prices 2023

Prague's Real Estate Market. A closer look - Prague Rental Prices 2023

Prague Castle by Night
Prague Castle by Night

Prague's real estate market has always been a focal point for both local and international investors. Its rich cultural heritage, coupled with its status as one of the major European hubs has made it a prime location for real estate investments in and outside of Europe. The unemployment rates are low as well. Several factors have contributed to the rising rental prices in the city.

  1. Low Availability: The city has faced a shortage of available rental spaces, which has created a supply-demand imbalance. This scarcity has naturally driven prices upwards.

  2. Student Demand: With Prague being home to several prestigious universities, there's a seasonal surge in demand as students seek accommodation. This annual influx has consistently put pressure on the rental market, pushing prices higher.

  3. Economic and Political Factors: The political situation in Europe and its associated economic impacts have influenced the real estate market. These external factors have led to a return to pre-2020 prices and accelerated rental price growth.

  4. Mortgage Rates: High mortgage rates in the Czech Republic have made owning property more challenging, leading many to opt for renting instead. This shift in preference further fuels the demand for rental properties.

Major Czech Cities: A Closer Look

  • Prague: Rent prices for 2+kk apartments increased by 3 percent compared to the spring months, reaching CZK 19,150 per month without deposits. Yearly, the rental price for this type of apartment rose by 2 percent.

  • Brno: The rent for a 2+kk apartment increased by 6 percent since spring, bringing the total rent close t

o CZK 16,000. Year-on-year, rents for 2+kk apartments in Brno rose by 5 percent.

  • Ostrava: A 2+kk apartment in Ostrava can be rented for about CZK 13,140. The rental cost in Ostrava surged by 17 percent compared to the previous quarter, marking the largest price jump among all cities. Yearly, there was a 1-percent increase for 2+kk apartments.

Student Apartments: A Significant Driver

Prague Students
Students have to pay more for Renting in Prague

Jiří Krejčí, the business director of, highlighted that student apartments in Prague cost 11 percent more to rent in the second quarter2023 than at the same time last year. Similarly, in Brno, prices were about 7 percent higher, in Ostrava by 8 percent, and in Olomouc by 5 percent. This surge in student apartment prices further underscores the demand and price increase trends.

The Future of Prague's Rental Market

Given the current trends, it's evident that rental prices in Prague are likely to rise further. The ongoing lack of available housing, combined with external economic factors and the city's appeal, ensures a steady demand. As long as the supply remains limited and the demand continues to grow, prices will inevitably trend upwards.


The rental market in Prague and across Czechia has seen significant changes over the past year. With demand

outstripping supply, prices have been affected, leading to shifts in the real estate landscape. As cities like Prague continue to attract both locals and expatriates, understanding these trends becomes crucial for potential renters and investors.


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